We offer a wide range of electrical services. We specialize in residential new and old work as well as light commercial work.


Home Upgrade

Upgrade your outdated wiring to a current safer wiring. Older homes contain wiring that can be potentially unsafe and hazardous. Aluminum wire was used primarily in the 1970s, this type of wire has been the cause for thousands of home fires. Fuse panels also are a hazard. We can upgrade any electrical device in your home.


Lighting and Fans
Each room most likely has a light or fan. Call us to replace, add or fix any light or fan.


Switches and Receptacles
Switches wear over time and stop making good connections when they are switched on. Receptacles/outlets are the same way. Call us to replace any broken switch or outlet. We can also add additional outlets and switches as needed.


Additions and Remodels
During remodel or additions there will most likely be a need for electrical to be moved, added or removed.  We can handle all remodels and additions. 







Pool and Spa
A pool or spa cannot operate properly without electricity.  We follow all laws and codes and supply each pool and spa with correct, safe wiring to ensure proper function and safety of the user.  Call us for a free estimate. 

Storage Buildings
From small to large, we can wire them all.  From single lights to 220 outlets for shop equipment.  We will sit down with you and decide the electrical needs and create a plan for you. 

When something does work, or doesn’t work properly it can be a headache trying to figure out why.  We specialize in troubleshooting, and we will trace out and correct any electrical issue.  For more information on common problems, click here.  


Profesional Refrences