Common Issues

Flickering or blinking lights.
Bad connection at any of the multiple connections in your home.  If this problem is not isolated to one area, and is happening across the entire home, this could be the cause of a damaged main wire connection. 

Some lights go extra bright while others dim out, popping bulbs, electrical appliances die out
This is caused by a faulty or damaged main neutral connection.  This could cause more damage to appliances, TVs, and other electrical devices.   

Circuit breaker trips when high-wattage items are in use.
This is due to overloading the circuit.  Microwaves, space heaters, portable AC units, and other high-wattage items need to be on a dedicated circuit. 



Receptacle stopped working.
Loose connection is most likely the culprit.  This issue is more common in homes with aluminum wire.  The loose connection will need to be traced out and fixed.

No electrical power in the home.
This can be the result of many issues.  First start by calling your local power company to see if there are any outages.  If there is not an outage it could be a main breaker has tripped or gone bad or loose connections on the main wire. 

Burnt smelling receptacle/switch.
This is a seriously damaged electrical device.  If you smell any fishy smell, or burnt rubber smell, DO NOT use that outlet or switch and call us today and we will replace the device.  


We are qualified to take care of any electrical issue. Call us immediatly if you are expereincing any electrical issue and we can solve the problem quickly and affordable.


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Georgia Power - 1 (888) 660-5890

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