About Us

Sams Electric was founded by Earl Sams in 1993 on the basis of providing quality electrical construction and repairs. Quality work and excellent customer service have deep roots in our company. We have a strong history of completing work in a safe and timely manner with excellent quality. Licensed and Insured we stand behind our work to guarantee each customer feels comfortable and is satisfied with our work.

Why we are different

We place customer service at the top of our priorities. To provide excellent customer service we complete the work according to code, safely, and effeciently while maintaining an affordable rate. We stand behind our work; if for some reason there is an issue with our work, we will correct the issue immediately.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing affordable, quality work to our customers. We treat our customers as family, after all we are part of the same community. We still cherish old traditions of taking care of our neighbors, friends and family. We promise to make sure that each and every one of your electrical needs are taken care of in an affordable and effecient manner.


Sams Electric - 706-561-6764


Georgia Power - 1 (888) 660-5890

Alabama Power - 1 (800) 245-2244

Flint Energy - 1 (800) 342-3616 

Talapoosa River Electric - (800) 332-8732